Embedded in vineyards, Weikersheim will enthuse you with its magnificent Renaissance castle with its spacious and beautifully laid out castle park in the style of Versailles. Uniquely, the entire interior decoration from the 16th to 18th century has been completely preserved. The distance is approx.12 kilometres.

Weikersheim with Renaissance castle
Weikersheim with Renaissance castle

Weikersheim - a town of quality wine with distinction

Weikersheim is a recognised health resort on the ‘Romantic Road’. The main attraction is the Renaissance castle with almost fully preserved interior decoration and a magnificent castle park. The Marktplatz with its impressive administrative buildings, the corn building now with the Tauberländer Dorfmuseum (Tauberland rural museum), the gothic town church and the rococo fountain is a unique unit. The old town centre is characterised by half-timbered houses and listed buildings. Wine lovers will also get their money’s worth here, because Weikersheim revolves around winegrowing.

The Renaissance castle in Weikersheim

Castles are like museums. You may visit them, stand in amazement and then move on. That won’t happen at the ancestral seat of the Count of Hohenlohe in the Weikersheim Castle. This is a living castle – only the people in the portraits on the walls are dead. In the castle, however, dressed-up children run around like princes and princesses through the corridors. They gather their skirts, walk in a stately manner and celebrate birthdays. How come?

The dedicated castle curator, Monika Menth, is trying to involve the castle in the cultural life of Weikersheim by organising numerous events. Here, children can slip into historical robes and experience up close that it really was not very easy being a prince or princess. Numerous special, themed and costume tours give children and grown-ups a greater understanding of the castle and how life used to be. This includes collaborations with partners, events and many cultural events, such as the Hohenlohe summer of culture. “The castle is a platform,” explains Menth and stresses that historical buildings are there to try out and experience under the motto of Baden-Württemberg stately castles and gardens – ‘Come, marvel, enjoy’. Once you have experienced the historical costume tours, you will ‘grasp’ the life and history in Renaissance and Baroque periods in a vivid, amusing and eventful way. There is no doubt that the castle in Weikersheim is one of the most beautiful residences of the Renaissance period, surrounded by a splendid Baroque garden, whose impressive park really has no equal. When taking a tour of the castle, you go through the history of the Hohenlohe - a 450-year journey through time - as if you yourself were a guest of the Count’s family. Everything in the castle is original, even details like the hand-embroidered seats of the seating furniture, the Flemish wall tapestries or the wonderful tulip vases with their golden stucco-work decoration. The 40-metre long and 12-metre wide knight’s hall is definitely worth a look. In this room, you get the feeling you must simply step into it. With its artistic panelled ceiling, the pictures on a canvas of hunting scenes and the life-size animal sculptures, it reflects the splendour of the banqueting halls of this era. The Baroque garden is wellness for the eyes and relaxation for the soul: symmetric, elaborate, neat. It is hard to imagine just how many hours of painstaking work have been put in by the diligent hands of the castle gardeners to care for the gardens for more than 300 years.