Places of interest
in the Taubertal

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Embedded in vineyards, Weikersheim will enthuse you with its magnificent Renaissance castle with its spacious and beautifully laid out castle park in the style of Versailles. Uniquely, the entire interior decoration from the 16th to 18th century has been completely preserved. The distance is approx.12 kilometres.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

High over the Tauber Valley, where the Romantic Road and the Castle Road (Burgenstraße) meet, springs up the unforgettable silhouette of the former free imperial city. The tumultuous history of the town is reflected in the performances of the historical pageant ‘Der Meistertrunk’ and in the "Schäfertanz”.


An almost entirely intact townscape for over 400 years, impressive church buildings, proud trading companies and rich half-timbered architecture make Dinkelsbühl one of “the consistent and best preserved urban landscapes from the late Middle Ages in Germany” - according to art historians.


The university and conference town on the Main is in the centre of the Frankish wine country, with the Marienberg fortress towering above it. In addition to the prince-bishop's residence (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the magnificent baroque building by Balthasar Neumann, the cathedral, Neumünster, Marienkapelle, Marktplatz and the Old Main Bridge in the old town are all worth seeing.