The Albert´s Spring

With its high concentrations it belongs to the strongest sulphate springs that are used for mineral cures. It is usually taken in small amounts swift in advance of the Karl´s spring or mixed with it. Relative high percentage of free carbonic acid diminshes the bitter taste. The high efficacy of our healing springs is usually not suitable for children.

The Albert's Spring
The Albert's Spring

Fields of application

  • stimulation ot the bowel movement, especially with chronical obstipation
  • functional disturbances of the stomach, especially deficiency of acidity
  • stimulation effect for the activity of the bilary
  • sore throat (for gurgling)


  • Serious inflammatory diseases of stomach and intestines, limited function of de kidneys, serious heart failure, impairment of the liver at an advanced stage

The Bad Mergentheim mineral springs are some of the most effective drinking water springs in Germany and enjoy an excellent position on the German spa scene.