Spa park Bad Mergentheim

134.000 square metres, the Bad Mergentheim spa park opens up an oasis of relaxation with its vibrant flower display, its terrific flowers and neat green areas. Here, you can find a new lease of life.

Where do you go to first? Perhaps you will go for a walk along the picturesque rose stream course with its playful small water sprinklers. Or take a break from everyday life in front of the whooshing spa park fountains on the specially-built banks. Perhaps you will also discover the exotic Japanese garden with illuminated watercourse or the sweet rose garden.

Wherever you are out and about in the spa park, you are certain to feel one thing: that here, you are in the centre of a health spa steeped in tradition. The architecture of filigree buildings such as the pump room or the villa in the spa park radiates the charm of an illustrious era. President of the Reich Friedrich Ebert undertook a spa treatment in Bad Mergentheim; later guests also include the 1954 football world champions.

Today, the three working drinking springs are dispensed in the fountain temple – here, every guest is allowed to have a try. There is also an exhilarating Kneipp pool for arms and for stepping in, as well as a range of other health offers. The Gradierpavillon is something special: the Paulsquelle spring, otherwise only suitable for spa therapy, bubbles over blackthorn brushwood and guarantees a pleasant sea breeze with its salt water. Taste the salt on your lips and freely breathe it in!

The separate sound garden also offers time out from daily life, where the twittering of birds from the trees combine with meditative sounds to make the perfect symphony. It gets significantly more lively when the Hungarica spa and salon orchestra strike up in the concert shell several times a day. You can also listen in while you are being served up small delicacies in the ‘Amadeus’ café. The café is in a magical round glass building and also has an outside area with a view looking out onto the music stage.

Several times a day, you can also enjoy the Bad Mergentheim water fountains in front of the concert shell – a real attraction! The choreography of the dancing water is perfectly coordinated with the different music pieces and music styles. Our tip: make sure you visit the evening performance when the water fountains are still illuminated. Water, light, colours and music then make sure you get an unforgettable and inspiring experience. Depending on the weather, you can enjoy the water fountains from the start of April to the start of November at the following times:

Monday to Friday 3.15pm | 5.15pm | 6.15pm | 7:15pm | 10pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10.15am | 12.15pm | 3.15pm | 5.15pm | 6.15pm | 7.15pm | 10pm

You’ll visit the Bad Mergentheim spa park, among the top ten most beautiful parks in Germany, more than once during your stay with us. Also, Here, you can also encounter the shepherd Franz Gehrig, who discovered the four mineral springs here almost 200 years ago. He is an assurance that we take your health personally in Bad Mergentheim. Since 1826.

Attractions & facilities

Gardens, water, relaxation

  • Japanese garden with small illuminated waterfalls, Japanese plants and an arched bridge made from granite
  • Sound garden behind the spa guest house; with comfortable loungers and meditative sounds
  • Concert shell as a stage for daily concerts by the Hungarica spa and salon orchestra
  • Lavender field, medicinal and aromatic herb garden
  • Rose garden covering around 1,800 square metres with 30 different types of rose and a rose watercourse
  • Water displays to music by André Rieu, Rondo Veneziano, the London Symphony Orchestra, John Miles, Franz Lambert, Queen, Adya or Vangelis - and in the evening with a myriad of light effects; several times a day from April to November
  • Café Amadeus - hospitality inside as well as in the outside area overlooking the music stage

For your health

  • Fountain temple / glass issue: here, healthy water bubbles out from the three mineral springs (Albertsquelle spring, Karlsquelle spring, Wilhelmsquelle spring) to three fountain tables
  • Gradierpavillon for inhaling fresh air for therapeutic use (salty water from the Paulsquelle spring drips down over blackthorn brushwood (sloes) and diffuses a pleasant salty air)
  • Spa guest house with the registered office of the Institute for Bad Mergentheim spa medicine and health education (Bad Mergentheimer Kurmedizin und Gesundheitsbildung) as well as spiritual welfare; adjoining this are the exhilarating Kneipp pools as well as a healing and aromatic herb garden
  • Spa with vitality centre
  • Pump room as an event and conference venue

Sport & games

  • Barefoot path, labyrinth
  • Boules area
  • Müller® keep-fit course with diverse push-up and back extension presses as well as balance and pedalo courses
  • Chess and games tables
  • Stone table tennis tables
  • Terrain spa track
  • Volley ball court