Your salty-fresh sea breeze!

Bad Mergentheim surprises its guests with a very special ‘pause for breath’. Protected and surrounded by a sheaf of local blackthorn brushwood and covered in the therapeutic ‘mist’, which is created when the salt water of the Bad Mergentheim Paulsquelle spring trickles down the branches. Due to the fresh breeze, guests there feel as though they are close to the sea. The Gradierpavillon in the spa park makes this possible.

The dampened air - enriched with salts and minerals - is almost completely free of pollen and so is a real benefit for the stricken airways of asthmatics and allergy-sufferers.

In Bad Mergentheim, there are two lounge areas for this – each available with different seating options. Inside the pavilion, the salt content in the air is significantly higher than in the outside area with canopy. Quiet music for relaxation will put you in a state of peace and tranquillity.

Breathing in the salty air generally has an expectorant, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Furthermore, the salty air can also be used to prevent and heal chronic bronchitis and sinus infections. We also see the vitalisation of signs of fatigue as well as heart, circulatory and vascular diseases. A beneficial effect on the vegetative nervous systems is also attributed to this medical miracle.

Above all, you should take your time, go for a gentle walk and always breathe in calmly.

We recommend to inhale several times per week and for about 30 minutes each time.