The unique gourmet region of Hohenlohe

If you travel to Hohenlohe, you immerse yourself in a world full of variety and excitement. Here, guests can enjoy themselves, relax, experience and discover new and exciting things using every trick in the book. Hohenlohe is a region that travellers will not forget in a hurry. It always makes you want to come back and happily reminisce about wonderful times.

Enjoy your stay in Bad Mergentheim
Enjoy your stay in Bad Mergentheim

But what actually is the attraction of Hohenlohe? What is so special about this region? What is so fascinating? Is it the picturesque countryside stretching out before your eyes? Is it the idyllic little villages and towns that deck themselves out and present themselves so proudly? Is it the three rivers - the Kocher, Jagst and Tauber - that meander elegantly through the valleys? Can the reason for the Hohenlohe’s appeal be its high-quality agriculture, with products made from local soil that taste unbelievably good and which are used in numerous restaurants with delicious dishes? Or is it the lovingly-furnished hotels and guesthouses, which guests come back to time and time again? Perhaps it is the many cultural projects on offer each year. Or perhaps the magic of Hohenlohe lies in the fact that the population is happy, because the economy is flourishing and the many medium-sized businesses sell high-quality products worldwide?

That is all true. But there is more. It is the people that make Hohenlohe so unique, so attractive and so appealing. Because they are people who not only farm, run a hotel or cook food. They are people who work with passion. They love what they do and are enthusiastic about it. Whether they bake bread, farm sheep, cook bio-dynamically, host guests or found companies, they are people who have ideas and visions – and the courage to implement them, against the odds. That is most likely why they stand so firmly behind their cause: the castle, the festival, animal husbandry, the café or the business. That is precisely why the spark of enthusiasm leaps so quickly over to their guests. That is precisely why I cannot escape the charm of Hohenlohe. And: that is the reason why guests can spend such an unforgettable holiday here.

Welcome to Hohenlohe!