Beer specialities from the Herbsthäuser brewery

The Herbsthäuser brewery with its varied range of hop beers on offer is in the town district of Herbsthäusen.

Beer specialities from the Herbsthäuser brewery
Beer specialities from the Herbsthäuser brewery

The history of the Herbsthäuser brewery dates back to 1581 to the first documented pub called “Zur Schwane” (‘At the Swan’). Over the course of its eventful history, this building regularly changed owners.

In December 1875, the “Zur Schwane” pub came under the ownership of the Wunderlich family and became a private brewery affiliated with farming.

Enjoy a fresh Herbsthäuser beer at the bock beer festival or at the Herbsthäusen cycling marathon, for example.

Herbsthäuser bock beer festival

Each year on Ascension Day, the traditional bock beer festival attracts thousands of visitors to Herbsthausen. At the Herbsthäuser Brewery site, you can fully enjoy all the amazing beer specialities across four days with hearty brass band music.

Herbsthäuser cycling marathon

The marathon takes place on Sunday, the last day of the festival. A fun challenge for the whole family in beautiful countryside on three different routes (45 km, 85 km, 155 km) in the Tauber Valley, the Hohenlohe levels and the Jagst Valley. Here, there is something to offer each of the approx. 900 participants, whatever their sporting aspiration.