Travel with the train - The RIT Ticket

“RIT” stands for Rail Inclusive Tours – a particularly attractive train offer that will save you up to 50 percent of your travel costs. There is just one condition: to spend at least one night with a host in Bad Mergentheim that participates in the RIT scheme.

The train station in Bad Mergentheim
The train station in Bad Mergentheim

The following hotels in Bad Mergentheim are currently taking part in this offer.

  • Ringhotel Bundschu
  • Hotel Alexa
  • Das Schaffers - Mein Wohlfühlhotel
  • Vitalhotel König

Another advantage: train travel via RIT is not bound to any one train or any particular travel day. It can be booked up to one hour prior to travel. Ticket prices are calculated using a step-price model. Children up to and including 14 years of age travel free when accompanied by parents and grandparents. There is no tie to particular trains and the ICE/IC/EC surcharges are already included in these tariffs. It is possible to make changes to a booking, cancel a booking and extend your stay. You have a period of one month to make the return journey.

Your contact partner on site:

Travel center Bad Mergentheim station
Phone. +49 800 1507090