Town walk through
Bad Mergentheim

Town walk

16. Capuchin Church with Monastery

Directly after taking office in 1627, Grand Master Caspar von Stadion requested the Capuchin monks, who were resident in Würzburg, to create a settlement in Mergentheim. The calling of the monks to Mergentheim was to serve above all in rebuilding the Roman Catholic faith, which had been eroded by the Reformation movement.

17. The Deutschordensschloss with Castle Park

In the 12th century, the men of Hohenlohe built a moated castle here. In 1219, they donated this to the Teutonic Order. From 1525 to 1809, the Mergentheim residence was the permanent headquarters of the Grand and German Master and now houses the Deutschordensmuseum.

18. The Castle Church

The two towers of the castle church towering up high over the narrow chancel in the roof have shaped the townscape for centuries. They look as though they would rival the ‘trumpet towers’ of the castle and minster tower.

19. Spa Guest House

From the historic Bad Mergentheim old town, you can go through the castle park directly into the spa park. In the spa guest house, which houses the Institute for Bad Mergentheim spa medicine and health education as well as spiritual welfare, you will find the information and community centre.